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Development & Maintenence

Every year the number of enterprise mobile app and service users increasing world wide to put things and perspective as more people combine with populations of different countries.

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Enterprise Service

The purpose of enterprise architecture is to maximize investment returns, improve prerformance and embrace emerging technologies that support the business.

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Application Re Engineering

We perform the important process of modifying an application after delivery to correct faults, improve performance, add other attributes, adopt the application to latest environment.

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App./Product Migration

We evaluate critically complexity and risk to decide where to rehost, refactor, revise, rebuild or replace your application.

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Offshore Development

Ccuretech provide dedicated teams on demand according to the development needs of the business. So the clients focus better on their core business.

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Software Consultancy

Ccuretech is a trusted advisor to their clients for implementation, integration support and hosting of solutions according to their business needs.

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Why EnTKSol

We are pronounced En Tech Sol (Enterprise Technology Solutions)


We belive that software design method is a systematic series of steps by which a design team undertake to solve a problem.


Development is the act of many people working together and putting together many versions of large and complex systems. Our world depends on softwares which are immensely complex and we engage smart people to build these.


Following of software development life cycle ensures timely deployment.


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The numbers don’t lie!

Clean Design

Small things make big difference


The desire in technology as well as business settings.

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Write once, Run everywhere.

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Softwares are driving the future.


Big or Small but it all has to start with an idea.

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Design (85%)
Web (90%)
Mobile (79%)
Digital Marketing (75%)
SEO (69%)
Integrations (80%)

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